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Sober Transport

Stephanie is available to assist clients with traveling to and from treatment centers in a compassionate and safe manner. She also accompanies clients to events such as weddings, family reunions, funerals, etc in order for them to feel supported and stay on track with their recovery.

Sober Companion

Stephanie works as a sober companion when an individual may have a unique situation or need a higher level of support. She will travel and companion in-home or on-site at a business conference, family event, business travel or on a film location. She provides supervision, guidance and companionship 24/7. She maintains open lines of communication with the entire support team to ensure the most appropriate level of care.


Sober for 24 years, Stephanie is uniquely adept at relapse prevention methods, coping skills and crisis prevention. In addition, she is experienced with family systems and relationship dynamics, co-occurring disorders, medication risk and management as well as maintaining healthy boundaries.


Other Services

Executive Functioning

Using a holistic approach, Stephanie works with clients who also want help with better planning for everyday tasks as well as academic support. She will guide a client to create a daily schedule, an organization system and employ time management strategies.

Community Resources & Reintegration

An individual who is transitioning from the structured and safe environment of an in-patient treatment stay back into their home or work environment faces an enormous challenge. Home or the office may be where they have previously used detrimental coping mechanisms and/or addictive behaviors. The most important step is to connect with local recovery support systems and resources to mitigate potential triggers, and help the client remain connected and feel supported while they are practicing their new coping skills.


Having lived in Manhattan and Fairfield County for over 50 years, Stephanie has a vast array of resources that she is able to share with clients depending upon their needs and interests. Stephanie is trained to provide information and share experience across multiple pathways of recovery with clients to help them connect with recovery support groups right away.


A client or family may need or want a referral or recommendation for a new clinician and /or doctor (therapists, psychiatrists and concierge physicians) a wellness practitioner (Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Pilates) or family support group (Alanon, parent groups).

Case Management

Stephanie works as a Case Manager if there is a need for coordination between a client’s treatment discharge planner, clinician/s, family members or Human Resources at their place of employment. Weekly calls and meetings will be scheduled to keep all client care team members aligned and working in lock step on behalf of the client. Goals and potential concerns will be addressed on an on-going basis so recommendations and the right level of support is constantly assessed.

SMART Goal Planning

Stephanie puts a special focus on growing wellness across all areas of a client’s life. She often recommends creating an action plan to expand and extend recovery across all aspects of a client’s well-being using SMART Goals to achieve success.


SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound) goals are established using a specific set of criteria that ensures a client’s objectives are attainable within a certain time frame.

Substance Use Monitoring

& Drug Testing

Empowering individuals to become responsible for their own recovery is the goal. Drug and alcohol screening enables a client to remain accountable while also informing family and additional care team members that the client is abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

Stephanie works with a network of testing providers to develop a monitoring and and screening program that is customized for each client’s lifestyle and supports sustainable accountability and recovery.

Consistent monitoring in early recovery can lead to better outcomes. Daily screening reinforces accountability and provides transparency to an individual’s recovery team, documents sobriety, and provides families with a peace of mind.

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